Uses of TiO2

TiO2 has been used for over 90 years in a vast range of industrial applications and consumer goods such as paints, printing inks, plastics, paper and board, textiles, ceramics, construction materials, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals. The website shows many examples of the uses of TiO2.

As a pigment, TiO2 has excellent light-scattering properties and is used in a variety of applications that require white opacity and brightness. In its ultrafine form, TiO2 absorbs UV light, and is used for example in sunscreens to protect your skin from the sun.  In exterior applications the coolness conferred by TiO2 coloured surfaces leads to considerable energy savings in warm and tropical area by light reflectance thus reducing the need for air-conditioning. TiO2 as a nanomaterial (ultrafine) appears transparent whilst still providing UV light absorption.

The below infographic highlights just some of the uses of TiO2 in everyday life:

TiO2 infographic