TDMA and TDIC Oppose the French Classification Proposal for Titanium Dioxide

ECHA published (31 May 2016) a revised dossier from the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) proposing a harmonised classification (CLH) for Titanium Dioxide as a carcinogen 1B by inhalation, (H350i). The TDMA and TDIC’s review of the proposal did not reveal any significant, new, or substantially different scientific information from that already known and considered by the industry. Based on current and state-of-art scientific knowledge, TDMA and TDIC reaffirm the industry’s science-based position that classification of TiO2 is not supported nor is it appropriate.

This view is supported by extensive work carried out by industry as part of the REACH Registration dossier submission in 2010 that involved an extensive review of all available scientific data that continues to be updated with new findings and studies. Moreover, the industry’s position is reinforced by findings from sound epidemiology studies of over 24,000 workers in 18 Titanium Dioxide manufacturing plants over several decades which show no adverse health effects to humans from occupational exposure to TiO2.

The TDMA and TDIC submitted a detailed, science-based response to the ECHA public consultation. This response rebuts the ANSES conclusions as industry and consultant experts conclude that Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) should not be classified in any of its forms for any end points.

Click here to view the public consultation, which closed on the 15th of July.