Toyota uses titanium dioxide-coated billboards to clean 5,285 vehicles’ pollution from the air –

International car manufacturer Toyota has used titanium dioxide coated vinyl on their billboards to rid the air of over 5,000 vehicles’ pollution.


Reporting on the billboard, CNET said:“The 37 billboards in question add about 25,000 square feet of pollution-removing material to the California landscape. It’s estimated that the billboards will remove the equivalent of 5,285 vehicles’ worth of nitrogen oxide emissions from the air each month.”


Typically produced by diesel engines, nitrogen oxides are both directly harmful to health and responsible for smog formation.


Special grades of titanium dioxide can remove these harmful nitrogen oxides in the air through ‘photocatalysis’ – a process where light speeds up a chemical reaction. The reaction results in the conversion of nitrogen oxides into harmless soluble salts.


The titanium dioxide-coated billboards advertise Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, Mirai, using its air cleaning properties to show how environmentally friendly their electric car is.


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