TDMA members are committed to the responsible, safe and sustainable use and manufacture of Titanium Dioxide1.


As a brilliantly white pigment, Titanium Dioxide enables sustainability benefits such as:

  • energy efficiency in reflective coatings and "cool roofs“,

  • resource efficiency with durable construction materials and

  • waste reduction with light weight packaging films.

TDMA supports Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), i.e. the science based, holistic evaluation of a product’s environmental profile from its production over its performance in use through its end of life2.


Responding to customer requests for carbon footprint data, TDMA developed a rigorous Titanium Dioxide product footprint accounting and reporting method and published representative average data for the 2010 and 2012 cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of Titanium Dioxide manufacture3.


In 2014, TDMA expanded this footprinting method to compile a robust and representative cradle-to-gate life cycle inventory (LCI) of Titanium Dioxide manufacture in 2012. The LCI data set was externally reviewed and is now freely available in the European Life Cycle Data Base ELCD4.


TDMA encourages stakeholders to use the TDMA LCI data as a building block in their own cradle-to-grave footprint assessments of Titanium Dioxide applications. TDMA members welcome value chain partners to explore and enhance the sustainability benefits Titanium Dioxide can deliver.