Sustainability of titanium dioxide

Environmental responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of all we do.

Here are some examples of the steps we have taken to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring our products are made and used in a sustainable way.

  • Effective:
    By using titanium dioxide (TiO2), high standards of brilliance, colour strength and opacity can be achieved with fewer resources. Without TiO2 in a paint formulation, for example, higher quantities of paint would be required to achieve the same level of coverage.
  • Resistant and protective:
    Stability to heat, light and weathering helps prolong the life of our products. TiO2 reaches a high level of performance in these areas as it scatters visible and near infrared light and absorbs UV radiation, resulting in crucial protective qualities. This makes products last longer, resulting in less waste over time.

Sustainable uses

Titanium dioxide isn’t just safe – it can also bring wide-reaching environmental benefits.

Examples include:

  • Energy efficiency in reflective coatings and “cool roofs”
  • Cheaper renewable energy, through efficient dye-sensitised solar cells
  • Resource efficiency with durable construction materials
  • Waste reduction with lightweight packaging films

TiO2 is also being used to help address air pollution, one of our planet’s most pressing environmental concerns.