Uses of titanium dioxide

Paint & Coatings
Maintaining landmark structures

Titanium dioxide is the pigment of choice to create white materials and coatings.

Environment Sustainability
World’s biggest offshore windfarm protected using titanium dioxide paints

Lying 90km off England’s Yorkshire coast, the world’s largest offshore windfarm sailed into operation in August 2022.

How titanium dioxide is helping to keep Kenyan homes cool

In the midst of rising global temperatures, a new, innovative use of titanium dioxide (TiO2) could enable millions of people to beat the heat in urban settings.

Environment Paint & Coatings
How we can use colour for social good in the new European Bauhaus

Colours have the power to impact our daily lives – in fact, research suggests that colours influence us psychologically and physiologically.

How titanium dioxide helps create transparent solar cells

The climate transition requires solutions for a carbon-free future and new innovative methods to produce green energy.

Titanium dioxide unlocks innovation in ‘green’ hydrogen technology

Decarbonisation of heavy-duty industries relies on innovative ways to produce ‘green’ and sustainable energy.

Plastics and ceramics
Sustainable cookware that makes a lasting impression

How titanium dioxide (TiO2) helps create durable, versatile, attractive and efficient kitchenware for better, more sustainable cooking.

Health and Beauty
Titanium dioxide: the cosmetic industry’s indispensable ingredient

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is one of the cosmetic industry’s best-kept assets – playing a central role in the development of products for sensitive skin.

Health and Beauty
The essential role of titanium dioxide in pharmaceuticals

From the protection of active ingredients to improving patient management of medications, titanium dioxide (TiO2) plays an essential role at all stages of a pharmaceutical product’s lifecycle.

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