European Commission launches public consultation on technical progress of the EU’s classification and labelling (CLP) Regulation

The European Commission’s public consultation on the 14th adaptation to technical progress of the CLP Regulation, including the proposal to classify titanium dioxide, has a deadline for comments of 8 Feb.

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on its proposal to classify titanium dioxide (TiO2) as suspected (category 2) carcinogen by inhalation before it will be put to a vote in the Member State Committee on 14 February. The Public Consultation has been launched in line with the European Commission’s Better Regulation guidelines. Under the Better Regulation Guidelines, the purpose of the consultation is for the Commission to seek evidence (facts, views, opinions) on a specific issue, in this case the ATP of the CLP. Once the consultation is finalised, the Commission’s DG Environment and DG Grow will assess the feedback received and must explain to the Member States in the February REACH committee meeting how it took it into account.

The Titanium Dioxide Manufacturers Association (TDMA) does not believe that the EU Authorities have fully assessed the scope and impacts of this proposal. We therefore call on stakeholders to make their voice heard by providing information about potential impacts of the classification on their industry/sector before a decision is made that would have impacts extending far beyond TiO2 in the coming years. You can learn more about the potential impacts here.

The Better Regulation guidelines require that the Commission factor in additional time for analysis of the feedback received via the Consultation. As the consultation ends on 8th of February 2019, there are only 3 business days for analysis of the feedback gathered before the proposal is scheduled for a vote in the REACH Committee.

TDMA believes that stakeholders should call for the impacts of proceeding with this decision to be fully assessed before any decision is taken, and for the available alternative regulatory options to be fully considered in line with the EU’s proportionality principle and Better Regulation Guidelines. TiO2 should be removed from the 14th ATP to undertake these steps.

You can contact TDMA for more information on this page.