European Parliament Plenary oppose objection to classification of titanium dioxide

Today, a majority in European Parliament Plenary voted against the objection to the delegated act (annex) as regards the proposal to classify Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) as a suspected carcinogen by inhalation in certain powdered forms.

The result of the vote in the European Parliament means that:

  1. The scrutiny period for the classification proposal expires on 4 February 2020;
  2. The classification of TiO2 will then be published as an amendment to the Classification and Labelling (CLP) Regulation in the EU official journal (at some point in February);
  3. The classification of TiO2 will only apply after a transition period of 18 Months from the date of publication (around August 2021)

TDMA will update stakeholders as the amendment to the CLP Regulation is published in the official journal.

TDMA will provide further guidance to stakeholders on the interpretation of the classification and the approach of the TiO2 industry with regards to the classification moving forward.

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