Save the date: APV/IPEC Europe Conference – Nanoparticles in Excipients and their impact on Pharmaceuticals

On 20-21 June 2023, the APV (International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology) and IPEC Europe (European Excipients Association) are hosting a conference in Brussels, Belgium, focusing on: Nanoparticles in Excipients and their impact on Pharmaceuticals with a special focus on Titanium dioxide and Iron oxides.

Dr David Lockley, Chair of the TDMA’s CLH Task Force, will be speaking on the toxicological considerations of TiO2, including the status quo and new programmes for data generation.

According to APV and IPEC Europe, the conference will focus on current topics relating to the use and replacement of nanoparticles in pharmaceutical excipients, with a special focus on titanium dioxide and iron oxides.

This conference is intended for professionals/scientists working in: Research/Development and Formulation Department, Regulatory Affairs Department, Project Management and QA Department as well as Risk Management Department. The conference is also intended for members of regulatory authorities.

You can find out more about the event, including the full programme and speakers here.