The European Conservatives and Reformists group tables resolution objecting to proposal to classify titanium dioxide


The European Parliament’s European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group has tabled a resolution objecting to the delegated act (annex) as regards the proposal to classify titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a suspected carcinogen (category 2) by inhalation. The European Parliament’s Environment Committee is scheduled to debate and vote on the resolution at their meeting on 2-3 December.


TDMA understands that the resolution objects to the proposal to classify TiO2 as it goes beyond what is necessary and proportionate to address any potential health risks arising from potential workplace exposure to TiO2 powder and risks stigmatising the substance in other forms as being unsafe. No other political groups have tabled an objection to the classification.


If the resolution is supported by the Environment Committee it will need to be approved by a majority of 376 MEPs in the Plenary of the European Parliament. If the objection is adopted, it calls on the Commission to withdraw the delegated regulation and to consider other options such as a harmonised occupational exposure limit (OEL) for TiO2 within the framework of the occupational health legislation.


TDMA fundamentally disagrees with the proposed classification and has consistently made our views known throughout the regulatory discussion since 2017. TDMA continues to engage with the Authorities and will keep stakeholders updated as we learn more about developments of relevance during the scrutiny period.

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